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Safe password lock principle
Safe use and introduction
Hotel lock introduction and role
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Safe use and introduction

basic introduction

Safe is a special container, according to its function is mainly divided into fire safe and anti-theft safe, anti-magnetic safe, fireproof magnetic safe and so on.

Each kind of safe has its own national standard. Most of the safe on the market for the first two.

3C certified safe (cabinet) according to the actual height of the cabinet (not including the height of the casters) is called the safe at 450 mm above, the actual height of the cabinet is below 450 meters (including 450 mm) called the safe.

According to different password working principle, theft-proof safe can be divided into two kinds of mechanical insurance and electronic insurance. The former is characterized by cheaper price and more reliable performance. Most of the early safes were mechanical safes. Electronic safe is electronic locks, electronic locks, IC cards and other intelligent control methods applied to the safe lock, which is characterized by easy to use, especially when used in hotels, often need to change the password, so the use of electronic password safe, it is more convenient.

In fact, the concept of safes on the market is rather vague. From the perspective of insurance, safes can be divided into fire safes, anti-theft safes, magnetic safes and so on. 

Functional use

First, the choice of well-off families, the needs of a happy family.

⒈ important documents and valuables placed. Such as contracts, contracts, birth certificates, academic certificates, real estate license, notarized books, etc., to avoid indiscriminate placement and can not find when needed.

⒉ place a small amount of emergency or standby cash, commemorative coins, precious collection or very personal items, stamps, coins, antiques, jewelry, jewelry, watches and so on.

⒊ place personal belongings, personal special supplies, should not be seen by others, etc.

⒋ Place children should not be exposed to the items, drugs, dangerous goods (such as guns), adult products.

5.modern home decor without lock-in trend, social life is more frequent, home often employ foreign workers even more needs.

Second, in the business office, banks, government, public security, hotels, gas stations, jewelry shops, business offices, ATM machines, cashier, shopping malls, supermarkets ... ... is widely used.

Variety introduction

1. Folded electronic password safe

Is the password lock through the circuit board to control the electronic password safe developed in recent years, because the password can be changed, easy to operate, so the development of fast, but also the trend.

2. Folding mechanical password safe

Is the password lock by mechanical compass to control. Mechanical password safe is a traditional type, but also loved by people. In fact, the two are not much different, mainly depending on personal preferences.

3. Folding anti-theft safe

Its function is mainly focused on anti-theft, usually the box and the door are made of steel. Due to the higher hardness of steel, anti-theft superior performance.

4. Folding fire safe

The main function of its focus on fire prevention, usually the middle of the box and the door will be filled with fireproof materials to prevent the heat transfer, so fire performance is superior.