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Home safes Category

2019-05-28 14:56:25

Conventional household safe is divided into mechanical, electronic, fingerprint, credit card and other categories, there are coin counters, bank vaults and other doors.

Mechanical safe: A password lock is controlled by a mechanical compass. The mechanical code safe is a traditional type and is popular with people.

Electronic safe: Refers to the password lock through the circuit board to control; Electronic Password safe is developed in recent years, because its password can be arbitrarily changed, easy to operate, so rapid development, but also trend.

Fingerprint safe: Fingerprints are hard to find in this world, so the fingerprint identification technology has been applied to the safe, strong confidentiality and easy to use. However, the opponent's dry humidity requirements are more stringent! The location of the finger position recognition is also more sophisticated, so choose the fingerprint safe to buy a well-known brand, stable performance, high recognition rate.