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What is the anti-cat eye unlock?

The cat's eye unlocking uploaded by the Internet is actually the thief's destruction of the cat's eye, and then the special eyebrows are used to extend the cat's eye. After a force, the handle is pressed down, and then the fingerprint lock is opened from the inside. Fingerprint lock manufacturer china.

Now many brands of smart lock manufacturers have deliberately designed an anti-cat eye unlock button for this phenomenon. After the button is pressed, the door handle can be directly fixed. The handle can not be pressed inside the door, and the lock can be unlocked outside the door. Does not affect the use. Intelligent lock wholesales china.

In addition to this specific anti-cat eye unlock design, there are other ways to prevent thieves from unlocking through the cat's eye:

1 The fingerprint lock is mechanically locked, and the fingerprint lock is unlocked outside the door. After the anti-lock lock is ejected, even if someone presses the handle through the cat's eye, the door cannot be opened. Cabinet lock maker china.

2 Electronic anti-lock can also be successfully unlocked by thieves and cats. In fact, the meaning of electronic anti-locking is the same as mechanical anti-locking, but the operation is different.

3 Some special fingerprint locks, like the Cadiz K7, have an arming mode. As long as the internal unlock is sensed, it will alarm. This is to prevent the thief from unlocking from the cat's eye.