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Is it afraid to be misled when buying a smart lock?

2019-10-31 15:54:45



I believe that many people have had such a painful experience, because they know a little about the product, they are purchased at the time of purchase, so that they buy products that are not in line with their price, or even products that you don't like.

The most common clothing and food are still the same, and the electronic products are, for example, the hot locks that are now hot. Although smart locks have been popular for many years, many people's awareness of smart locks is still limited to convenience, and it is easy to be guided by shopping guides when purchasing.China smart RFID card split hotel locks.





How to pretend to be a very familiar look, bypass the guidance of the shopping guide, and smoothly buy a smart lock that fits your mind?

The first question in the store, is your fingerprint head optical or semiconductor?

Through the answer of the shopping guide, we can basically judge whether the material of the smart lock is good enough. Because of the optical recognition, the recognition effect will be affected by the dryness and wetness of the fingerprint, the depth of the surface and the cleanness of the surface, resulting in identification errors or unrecognizable. The semiconductor fingerprint recognition is composed of tens of thousands of capacitors, and the fingerprint ridges and valleys are collected to the touch panel. Distance, the ability to capture finer fingerprint details, faster acquisition and higher recognition rate.wholesale hotel mifare card qr door locks China.



The second question into the store, is there a key?

The Ministry of Public Security has stipulated that any door lock, fingerprint lock, password lock and smart door lock must be equipped with a mechanical key. If there is no key, it means that the manufacturer does not comply with the regulations, and the security is even more insecure.

Enter the store for the third question, collecting, identifying, and controlling the distribution of the system.RFID card door lock supplier China.

If the answer to the shopping guide is vague or about him, then most of the three systems are placed on the outer panel of the lock. Such a smart lock can be easily opened once it is destroyed.

Of course, after all the above three questions are understood, you need to go through the experience and see the speed of fingerprint recognition and the smoothness of unlocking. After all, the experience is also very important.