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OMG! Smart locks really can really improve happiness! ! !

2019-11-05 12:00:40




Many smart lock brands always hang on the "quality" and "happiness" when propagating, but how does smart locks enhance our happiness? We have conducted a small-scale survey of users of smart locks on whether they are willing to switch back to traditional mechanical locks. Almost 100% of the answers are “can’t go back”. fireproof and waterproof files safe box producer China.






Why is it? In order to find the answer, we interviewed three different occupations and different backgrounds of smart lock users in various ways in Nanjing to explore their smart lock new life with the theme of “happiness”. Savour, you will find, not suddenly, not radical, they are quietly changing because of a smart lock.

Losing the key is also a kind of break.


Just like going out now without cash, using Alipay and WeChat to pay, Zhao Lin said, “Without the key, it makes life a lot easier. It’s just to throw away all unnecessary things, remove all obstacles, and make life smooth. Give yourself more time and space to think. When you go home to find a key or forget to bring a key, you will often interrupt the happy work or think about it. bluetooth app rfid card password door lock supplier China.



Although I often read books about the future, I have always insisted that the future is not in the book, and that in the moment we happen, only by personally participating can we feel the future changes and become more fascinated by the future. Nowadays, smart homes, such as sweeping robots, smart light bulbs, smart speakers, etc., are all used, but I think smart locks are the hottest, most practical and most valuable smart home entry products. digital code keyless fingerprint door lock factory.

Don't talk directly with the user, we never know that the smart lock is behind the safe and convenient use scene, and it can bring so rich and interesting changes to life, slowly change our life attitude, life temperament, let happiness happen slowly. And naturally. The new era users who really feel these "happiness" will never go back.