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Electronic Digital Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door LockElectronic Digital Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Electronic Digital Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

  • model:F12
  • lock material is zinc alloy and available is silver and golden
  • suitable for door thickness is 38-55mm
  • We provide two years warranty
  • certifcation is CE FCC ROHS
  • application:hotel/apartment/modern office
  • working power:4XAA alkaline battery
  • with mechanical keys for emergency
  • card capacity:100pcs
  • unlocking method:card,fingerprint,password,keys.
  • net weight:2.5KGS to 3.6kgs
 Product description

Hotel lock factory china

keyless fingerprint scan password card home lock.It is zinc alloy material.Theftproof mortise.lock can be opened by RFID card,fingerprint,passwordand mechanical key.Power supply is 4pcs AA alkaline batteries.Lift handle can be locked outside.

Fingerprint password door lock is a kind of intelligent lock with human fingerprint as the identification carrier and means. It is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. So, what are the advantages of fingerprint password locks?

1, security - unique and not copyable

The traditional mechanical lock key takes only a few minutes and you can get the key you want at a very low cost. Fingerprints are unique features of the human body, and their complexity is sufficient to provide sufficient features for authentication; fingerprint locks have the advantage of being unique and non-reproducible, so that there is no longer any need to worry about the key being copied.

2, convenience - no need to go out with the key

When you go out, you don't need to bring the key, you don't have to worry about the lost key, the home babysitter has changed the key to lock the key and other troubles. The fingerprint of one person will not change for life. Once you enter the fingerprint, you can use it for life. And a person can enter fingerprints of different fingers. Touch to open, reverse to lock.

3, fashion - instantly improve family quality

Fingerprint password door locks have a general trend of development, using fingerprint locks to represent fashion, honor, and high-end. The design is stylish and generous. As a high-end lock - the fingerprint lock has a variety of styles of European, Chinese, retro and elegant, the surface technology also uses gold, copper, chrome and many other techniques, such as fine art. For example, the fingerprint password door lock from the Leyi brand has advanced (fingerprint) recognition algorithm technology, and the touch is turned on in 0.6 seconds. Semiconductor imported fingerprint collector, intelligent anti-peep, American original DSP chip, is very popular in the market.

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 Our Team

Our main independent research and development products are advanced fingerprint lock, combination lock, security door lock, hotel door lock system, sauna locker smart lock, hotel safe, Keypad Lock, e-Cabinet Lock which are widely used in hotel access control system, massage center, office building, apartment, villa etc. As a professional Smart lock manufacturer.

we have already passed and executed ISO9001: 2000.And also our product has got CE, FCC,ROHS, and some Chinese quality certificate etc.


We are a professional factory for fingerprint lock,hotel locks,password locks,hotel safe,home safe etc.full range of safes.Our locks and safes are sold to many countries all over the world.you are welcome to visit our facility.Thank you.

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