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Facial recognition stationed in the airport management for entry and exit

The US Department of Homeland Security said it hopes to use facial recognition technology to scan 97% of departing passengers in the next four years. The system for scanning passenger facial images before boarding is released in 2017. By the end of last year, the system was already at 15 A US airport is put into use. Hotel RFID lock solution.

The facial recognition system scans the passenger's face at the boarding gate, compares the photo of the passenger's ID stored in the database with the photo information entered at the time of entry. The purpose of the system is to make the authorities more aware of who left the US and Before identifying foreigners who have been overstayed, the relevant departments can only rely on the passenger information provided by the airlines to conduct investigations. Hotel key card lock manufacturer.

The system has inspected 15,000 passengers since its inception in 2017 and has discovered more than 7,000 overstayers. The US Customs and Border Protection Agency estimates that approximately 600,000 people are overstayed each year. Hotel safe factory china.

However, there are critics who believe that the creation of a database that stores millions of people's facial information violates the civil rights of the passengers concerned, as these images may be shared with other law enforcement agencies.