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Do you have to use a dedicated battery for smart door locks?

Intelligent Door Lock Institute

A few days ago, when Xiaobian searched for a battery on a treasure, he accidentally discovered that many smart lock brands and battery brands have introduced smart lock special batteries, claiming to have "anti-leakage", "steady voltage", "long warranty period", etc. Features, because the use of smart locks in the home will leak liquid phenomenon, so for this special battery small heartbeat ~

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But afterwards, Xiaobian is thinking, must the smart door lock use a dedicated battery?

The special battery for smart locks is generally sold in groups of four, and the price is basically the same as that of ordinary alkaline AA batteries. In fact, a qualified acute battery has achieved a higher standard in leak prevention and stabilization. Moreover, the battery life of the smart lock is generally between 15 and 24 months, and the warranty is not necessary for ten years and eight years.
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In fact, as long as the use of genuine high-quality alkaline batteries, when the battery is low, replace the battery in time, do not put the smart lock in a dark and humid place, under normal circumstances, there is no need to worry about leakage and other problems. Of course, the smart lock battery is designed to use a double leak-proof process. If you are traveling frequently or uninhabited at home, use a dedicated battery for more psychological protection.

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