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Although the fingerprint can be copied, the fingerprint lock is still worth believing!

2019-11-07 14:39:08



The fingerprint on the phone screen and the door handle can be unlocked after being copied. Are you panicked?

| Concerns about fingerprint locks continue

In a geek contest, Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab obtained automatic fingerprint restoration by acquiring glass surface fingerprints, and generated a new fingerprint model, which passed the identification of various fingerprint identity authentication devices.

In other words, the fingerprints we keep in our daily life, if they are cloned and restored, it is possible to open various fingerprint devices.

| 4 steps, 20 minutes
  Can successfully unlock the fingerprint lock

It takes a few steps to crack a fingerprint device. The latest research is this:
First, use special photographing methods to extract fingerprints on mobile phones, door locks, attendance machines, etc.; then, use fingerprint cracking APP to resolve and form effective fingerprint information; then use the engraving machine to clone fingerprints; finally, these cloned fingerprints are successfully unlocked. Three mobile phones and two fingerprint punchers were used, and the whole process took a total of 20 minutes.
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Chen Wei, a researcher at Tencent Security Xuanwu Laboratory, explained the technical principles behind it: screen image acquisition technology and fingerprint engraving technology.

Behind the "copy" and "paste" is the fingerprint cracking APP and fingerprint collection box of Xuanwu Lab's self-developed research, which realizes the extraction of the effective fingerprint in the case of fingerprint residual image with only a small area. This challenge is also the first time in the world to successfully break through the fingerprint recognition technology under the ultrasonic screen.

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Chen Wei said that the pre-accumulation of this fingerprint cracking APP project took half a year, and the time for all types of fingerprint cracking projects was more than one month.

In fact, in last year's geek contest, Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab disclosed for the first time the "reuse reuse" vulnerability for the screen-fingerprint unlocking device - when the owner did not wipe off the fingerprint left on the screen, through special methods Use the fingerprint residue on the screen to deceive the fingerprint identification system and successfully unlock the phone.

After discovering the vulnerability, Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab first discussed the repair solution with mainstream mobile phone hardware manufacturers such as Huawei and upstream chip manufacturers. This vulnerability has been fully fixed. Right now, Xuanwu Lab is communicating with a number of fingerprint verification equipment providers to promote another technical solution to new problems.

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| Is the fingerprint lock really so fragile?
  Can we still believe it?

"Users don't have to panic. All attacks are conditional. Our attack today has to get fingerprints and get the attacker's mobile phone. The conditions are actually very demanding." Chen Wei said that as long as it is used daily. In the habit of erasing fingerprints in time, the security of the fingerprint identification device can be greatly improved.

Smartphones, smart door locks, safes, time and attendance punching... Fingerprint unlocking is widely used in various identification scenarios, especially smart door locks, which are increasingly used by families.

The reporter verified several manufacturers of smart door locks in Hangzhou. These days are just the double eve of eve, everyone is busy with hot promotions, including smart door lock products on the Tmall double 11 explosion list.

A company employee told reporters that after Tencent’s technology reached a certain level, it was indeed possible to copy fingerprints.

"However, the current technology cracking cost is relatively high. If you want to crack, it is better to demolish or use other methods to achieve the purpose of opening the door." The employee also said that the fingerprint algorithm is constantly upgrading, and the technology is constantly improving. Consumers should not worry too much about the security of fingerprint locks.

“The risk is relative. The key is who is in control of the technology. Moreover, there is no risk in the traditional door lock?” Another business owner asked, saying that he is confident in the smart door lock, the next step is Do face recognition door locks.

"There are a lot of people around. I heard that the new real estate is now locked with fingerprints." Ms. Huang felt that the fingerprint lock was very good. "If you want to get into your own home, there is always a way."