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Safe password lock principle
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Safe password lock principle

Now the technology of fingerprint lock is constantly updated and mature, and the safety factor is greatly improved. As a door lock, it is the first barrier for home security. Fingerprint locks are divided into two categories, one is the light sensor fingerprint lock, which is obtained by the internal light sensor to obtain fingerprint images, which is wear-resistant but easy to age; the other is the semiconductor sensor fingerprint lock, which has higher safety factor but wear resistance. Sex will be worse. The fingerprint lock is more secure than the ordinary door lock, and it is more intelligent and more convenient. Even if you forget to bring the key, it will not be closed. One of the choices is to choose a regular brand and choose a qualified product.

Advantages of fingerprint password lock
1, security - unique and not copyable
Throughout China's urban and rural areas, there are key copy points everywhere. As long as there are a few minutes, the extreme cost can get the key you want. Since the fingerprint lock has the unique and non-reproducible advantages, you no longer have to worry about the key being copy!

2, ease of use - never need to bring a key
I often listen to the mother who has children, said, holding the baby home, and then lead a large package of things, looking for the key all day, that anxious, that uncomfortable, don't mention how much pain! With a fingerprint lock, small finger light Lighter, the door is open, convenient, easy, quick, free from the dependence on the traditional mechanical key, and there will be no accidents such as loss, damage, forgetting, etc., the fingers stretch, the red light flashes, open 
the door to happiness. 

3. Science and technology - improve the quality of life
Compared with traditional mechanical locks, fingerprint locks, in addition to the above two advantages, can bring many high-tech experiences to users due to their combination with computer technology, which brings great convenience to the improvement of the quality of life of the owners.

4, fashion - the perfect combination of romanticism and technology
The Chinese calendar is about the facade, and the door and lock are the first impression that each family leaves to the guests. The quality and appearance of the door and lock will give the guests a strong impact. At the same time as a lock - fingerprint password lock has European, Chinese, modern minimalism, retro elegance and other styles of appearance, as the art is exquisite!