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Unlock the Future of Hospitality with Our China wireless mifare card smart hotel room door locks

Ningbo Loyal Mechatronics 2024-05-14 13:39:39

China wireless mifare card smart hotel room door locks, designed to enhance the safety and convenience of accommodation.Its wireless connectivity and smart card technology enable remote control and fast access, ensuring a safe and efficient stay for every guest.The following are the features and security of door locks.



China wireless mobile card hotel room door lock manufacturers door lock is designed with the hospitality sector in mind, offering a seamless blend of security and convenience.Crafted from durable zinc alloy, our lock is not just robust but also aesthetically pleasing, fitting in effortlessly with any hotel's decor.


The lock operates on a frequency of 125-134.2kHz, adhering to the ISO1443-A standard, and is powered by a reliable DC6V supply.In case of low voltage, our alarm system kicks in at 4.4V, ensuring you're never caught off-guard.With a mechanism life of over 100,000 times and the ability to store up to 350 pcs of unlocking records, our lock is built for longevity and traceability.


Access is granted via T5577 (M1, ID) cards, providing a secure and contactless entry method.In addition to card swipe, a mechanical key backup is also available for those unexpected moments, offering dual layers of security.


Our lock is more than just a door barrier;it's a system that can issue a variety of function-specific cards, such as floor cards, guest cards, building cards, and master cards, all through the card reader.This level of customization allows for efficient management and personalized access control.



With dimensions of 300x72x12mm, our lock is compact and versatile, suitable for various door types and hotel room configurations.Whether you're a boutique hotel looking for a tech upgrade or a large hotel chain needing a reliable security solution, our Wireless Mifare Card Hotel Room Door Locks are the key to a smarter, safer hospitality experience.


Join us and revolutionize hotel security with innovative locks from China wireless mobile card hotel room door lock suppliers. It's time to embrace the future of keyless entry and make your guests stay not only comfortable, but also safe.