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Features of All steel keyless hotel room digital password safe

Ningbo Loyal Mechatronics 2024-06-19 14:47:42

Discover the epitome of security and convenience with our All steel keyless hotel room digital password safe, a China-made innovation designed for the modern traveler. This electronic safe is not just a storage unit; it's a high-tech guardian for your laptop, documents, and other valuables.



All steel keyless hotel room Led display screen safe manufacturers with a sturdy high-quality steel construction and a thickness of 1.5mm and 5mm for the body and door, ensuring robust protection. The LED display and micro motor-driven system provide a seamless user experience, while the optional backlit keypad allows for easy access in any lighting condition.


The locking system is a testament to our commitment to security, featuring a 3-6 bit guest code and a 6-digit master code. In the event of three incorrect attempts, the system is designed to freeze, locking the safe for five minutes. For emergencies, a mechanical key is included, along with an optional audit trial function to track the last 100 unlock events.


The safe is powered by 4X1.5V batteries (included) and comes with a low battery warning feature, ensuring you're never caught off-guard. With pre-drilled holes on the back and bottom, our safe is ready for mounting in any hotel room, providing peace of mind for both guests and hoteliers.



As All steel keyless hotel room Led display screen safe suppliers, we take pride in offering a safe that is not only secure but also ADA compliant, featuring a plastic button keypad and an inside carpet for added protection. The polyester epoxy powder coating ensures durability, while the 6V DC micro motor and high-quality SMT PCB guarantee reliable performance.


Join us in embracing the future of hotel room security with our all-steel keyless hotel safe. Experience the difference that quality and innovation can make for your peace of mind.