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Elevating Hotel Security with China Keyless secure Access Control hotel lock

Ningbo Loyal Mechatronics 2024-04-24 16:53:27

As the developer of the latest innovation in hotel security, this is our China Keyless secure Access Control hotel lock.These locks are more than just a product, they represent a paradigm shift in the way hotels manage security and the guest experience.



Crafted from superior quality zinc alloy material, these mortise locks are a testament to durability and style. They operate seamlessly with software support for Mifare and T5557 cards, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of existing systems.The inclusion of mechanical keys addresses emergency access needs, providing peace of mind for both hotel management and guests.


A standout feature is the hidden cylinder lock, discreetly placed under the panel with a protective cover on the keyhole.This design not only enhances security but also maintains an elegant appearance, fitting seamlessly into the decor of any star hotel.


Our locks offer the flexibility to issue a multitude of card types, from authority cards to room cards, floor cards, and building cards.This granularity in access control is a boon for hotel management, allowing for precise customization of access rights.


Complementing the locks, we provide a suite of accessories including a card reader, energy saver, and an initializer device.These, coupled with our user-friendly software, make the implementation and management of the lock system straightforward.


Powered by just four 1.5V alkaline batteries, our locks are an eco-friendly choice, designed to last up to a year without the need for replacement.Their compact size of 285*72mm makes them versatile for various door types, further enhancing their appeal.


In line with modern trends, our locks are compatible with the tthotel App, allowing guests to unlock doors directly from their smartphones, offering a touch of convenience and modernity.



As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, our China Keyless Security Access Hotel Mortise Locks are set to become a benchmark in the hospitality industry. Join us in this journey towards smarter, safer, and more convenient hotel stays.


Ningbo Loyal Mechatronics Co.,Ltd. was founded 2004 and it is one of the top smart hotel lock manufacturers in China.We are also a leading manufacturer of China hotel lock supplier .committed to providing advanced solutions for the hotel industry. Our expertise lies in crafting secure and user-friendly locks that integrate seamlessly with hotel systems, offering robust access control and enhancing guest satisfaction.   We pride ourselves on providing not just a product, but a comprehensive security strategy that aligns with the modern needs of the hospitality industry. As a company, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and setting new benchmarks in hotel security technology.