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Digital password Keypad safe lock parts components How to improve the safety of the safe?

Ningbo Loyal Mechatronics 2024-06-06 14:01:05

Setting a new precedent in safe security, our Digital password Keypad safe lock parts is a sophisticated solution designed for hotels and home offices. This lock is not just a mechanism; it's a guardian of your valuables, offering a blend of convenience, accessibility, and peace of mind.



Our keypad lock features an LED display that illuminates the input area, ensuring easy operation even in dimly lit conditions. The 3-6 bits guest and master code system provides dual-level access, allowing for individual management of the safe. In an emergency, a mechanical key is at your disposal to ensure your belongings don't get locked inside.


The inclusion of an audit trial function as an optional feature allows for tracking of access, with the capability to record up to 200 unlock events, or even 1000 with the extended option. This feature is invaluable for maintaining security protocols and ensuring accountability.


Operation in the dark is made simple with the backlight function on the keypad, which also includes braille buttons, catering to the needs of visually impaired users. The lock is powered by 4XAA alkaline batteries and comes with a lower battery alarm that activates when the voltage drops below 4.8V.


LED digital display password Keypad safe lock parts manufacturers have added a locking feature that temporarily protects the system from unauthorized access after three false attempts. The lock's design further enhances its ability to track full access records, providing a valuable audit trail.



Embracing the latest in security technology, our Digital Password Keypad Lock is set to become the cornerstone of safe protection. With its user-friendly interface, robust mechanical backup, and advanced tracking capabilities, LED digital display password Keypad safe lock parts suppliers is a testament to commitment to innovation and security. Experience the difference with our Digital Password Keypad Lock and safeguard your valuables with confidence.