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China keypad lock fireproof Safe cabient 2 hour fire rating characteristics

Ningbo Loyal Mechatronics 2024-06-26 14:17:51

Ningbo Loyal Mechatronics, a pioneer in the safe and lock industry since 2004, is proud to present our latest innovation the China keypad lock fireproof Safe cabient 2 hour fire rating. Designed with a two-hour fire rating, this state-of-the-art safe cabinet is your ultimate guardian against fire-related threats to your valuables.



Our safe cabinet is a fortress, boasting a door thickness of 45-70mm and a robust body thickness of 65mm. The solid steel hinges allow the door to open a full 180 degrees, ensuring easy access to your contents. Equipped with 30mm solid steel locking bolts and deadbolts, it provides a four-way locking system that is as secure as it is user-friendly.


Inside, you'll find a removable shelf and a key-locking drawer, offering versatile storage options for your documents and valuables. The digital lock comes with both a master key and an emergency key, ensuring you always have access to your safe.


The external dimensions designed by the China smart fireproof safe manufacturers are H330*W430*D370mm and the weight is 50KGS, which proves its durability and protection ability. With an ISO 1182 fire protection certificate and successful in-house product fire tests, our safes have proven their quality and reliability.


Why choose our China smart fireproof safe suppliers? It's simple we prioritize your security and offer a product that goes above and beyond to protect your most important documents and valuables. Our safe can withstand temperatures up to 1700˚F (927˚C) for two hours, providing you with peace of mind.



At Ningbo Loyal Mechatronics, we're committed to providing you with more than just a safe; we're offering you the assurance of safety and the promise of quality. Choose our Keypad Lock Fireproof Safe Cabinet and safeguard your treasures against the ravages of fire.