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all steel keyless hotel digital password in room safe China madeall steel keyless hotel digital password in room safe China made

all steel keyless hotel digital password in room safe China made

  • led display and micro motor driven
  • 3-6 bit guest code and master code
  • backlit keypad for option
  • material:high quality steel
  • powder coated for internal and external surface treatmet.
  • external size:H200XW420XD370mm
  • thickness:1.5/5mm for safe body and door
  • power supply:4X1.5V
  • three times wrong input will cause the safe locked for five minutes
  • with mechanical keys for emergency
  • audit trial function for option

Type:Electronic safe
External size( X D X H mm): 420*370*200
Internal size(W X D X H mm): 415*320*195
Packing size(W X D X H mm): 460*430*250
suitable for depositing 15" laptop computer.Power supply:4*AA batteries(included)Locking system is 6V DC motorized

Hotel key card lock supplier

Led display screen
with ADA compliant plastic button keypad,with inside carpet,with inside battery charge,with low battery warning,with reprogrammable configuration,There has predrilled monting holes on the back and bottom.

3~6 bits digit code and 6 digit Master code.Emergency opening:6 digit master code and override mechanical key;Freeze system:3 times wrong code input,system blocked.Audit system:track the last 100 unlocking records (optional)

thickness(mm):1.5mm and 5mm for safe body and door.surface painting is polyester epoxy powder coating.with 6V DC micro motor,high quality SMT PCB.bolts:2 pieces,diameter 18mm,solid steel material.Door opening direction:from left to right(right hinges)

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