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new design fingerprint digital password RFID glass door lock with key backupnew design fingerprint digital password RFID glass door lock with key backupnew design fingerprint digital password RFID glass door lock with key backupnew design fingerprint digital password RFID glass door lock with key backupnew design fingerprint digital password RFID glass door lock with key backup

new design fingerprint digital password RFID glass door lock with key backup

  • 1.Main lock: width 70mm * height 171mm
  • Secondary lock: width 35mm  * height171mm
  • 2.Inner box size: 193 * 182 * 97mm
  • 3.Single outer box size: 205 * 115 * 260mm
  • 4.Outer case size of 10 locks : 520cm * 400cm * 220cm
  • 5.Single lock weight (including inner package): 1.8kg
  • 6.Ten locks weight (including inner package): 19kg

Ø Standard functions: fingerprint, password, sensor card, temporary password,Tuya, second-generation ID card, doorbell function, display screen, automatic locking
Ø Optional functions: remote control, Bluetooth, graffiti intelligence
Ø Chinese and English system switching, full navigation operation
Ø Double hook design
Ø Double protection motor: program + clutch device, motor double protection with automatic control device
ØAttack protection, input the wrong password 5 times  continuity, and the system is locked for 3 minutes
Ø Design of virtual 3-14 bit touch anti-peek password 
Ø Precision zinc alloy frame, automatic polishing multilayer electroplating anti-corrosion surface treatment technology
Ø Normally open mode, easy to set
Ø General Android emergency power supply function
ØApplicable door: glass door, framed aluminum alloy door, wooden door, sliding door, automatic door
Available colour:silver,black,golden.

China made smart biometric fingerprint password RF card door lock for glass door
wholesale intelligent fingerprint rfid password glass door lock with key backup

1. Are you a factory or a trade company?
We are a manufacturer.

2.What is your MOQ
1 piece

3.Can we put our logo on the products?
Yes,just send us the design and artwork

4.Can we order a sample to test?

5.Can we mix uo different models?

6.Can we visit your factory?

7.How long is your delivery time?
1 day to 20 days as per different models and quantity.


For 15 years, we have been focusing on making a better lock and safe. Makwell was founded in 2004 and works as a lock and safe manufacturer in China. Till now we have become one of the leading manufacturers at this filed. We not only design pcb software but also the hardware parts .Our locks and safes are sold to more than thirty countries except the domestic agents. We have factories in Guangdong and  Zhejiang.We are still growing as always.

We implement a series of strict quality control systems from all aspects. First of all we adopt the good quality raw materials include metal, plastic and the other components. In each procedure of production we inspect every step to ensure each step is without defectives. Before pack the items we also test each piece the functions and the surface. All these work guarantee our products are nice and work well before send to customers.

Faster delivery by air by express.(DHL,UPS or Fedex)
For small quantity order and samples,usually send by express.  The most important thing we just need 1 to three working days to have them ready. It is high efficient. For a formal order the leading time is three working days to twenty days. Yes sure it is depends on the quantity and the model itself.Normally we have stock for popular models and its parts. This help us to deliver customers in a short time.

Small order is accepted, we treat every order well.
We know different customers and markets they have different and actual models and quantity. Also we know the importance of each order for a customer,more quantity or less, even it is only one piece.


Professional sales team to offer fast response and good service
We are very professional company in this industry although not the biggest one. We have our own teams specialized in this filed. This guarantee our products designed and produced with nice appearance and good quality, also ensure our customers’ questions or requests can be dealt with or solved in the shortest time.
Our wholesales market covers both domestic and overseas. The locks and safes are widely used in different countries besides the domestic markets. More than thirty countries people are using our models. We are keeping designing and developing new ones to meet more demands from customers throughout the world.

Full product lines for smart locks and electronic safety box, we supply various of hotel room products, such as hotel locks, hotel safes, energy saver, display, controller etc. and other fingerprint lock, face ID recognition lock, glass door lock, cabinet lock. They can be used in hotels,inns, motels,office buildings, home, sauna etc.

Timely industry news for reference.
Customer from Colombia visited our facility at the end of July. He is a buyer for hotel lock and hotel safe. Since 2008 he began to order these models from us. Totally the customer ordered more than ten models hotel locks, fingerprint locks, hotel safes and other electronic safes.

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