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High Security Digital Electronic Hotel Safe Lock Box For OfficeHigh Security Digital Electronic Hotel Safe Lock Box For Office

High Security Digital Electronic Hotel Safe Lock Box For Office

  • safe external size:H200XW420XD370mm
  • led display and 3-6 bits guest code and master code to open the door
  • micro-motor driven
  • with two live-bolts to lock the safe
  • power supply:DC 4X1.5V
  • strong and high quality steel construction
  • powder coated for interior and exterior surface treatment
  • thickness of safe:1.5mm and 5mm for safe body and door
  • with audit trial function for option
  • the last 1000pieces unlocking records can be read
  • with mechanica keys for emergency.

We are a profesional group company in China and supply various serious of safes,locks,pet produtcs,furnitures.The products range is home office safe,hotel safe,gun safe,deposit safe,wall hidden safe,floor safe,coin safe,front loading copper safe,front pull drawer safe,rotary solt safe,fireproof series safe,hotel lock,home lock,commercial lock with password,fingerprint,App,rfid card functions.All of our prodcts are solt to more than
twenty countries.Our products are very popular in the overseas markets because of the nice design,
good service,reasonable prices and stable quality.Since 2008 we have alrady passed the ISO9001,TS16949,CE,ROHS etc.certification.You are welcome to visit our facility at any time.

Q:How to add my logo?
A:Silk-screen printing the logo or add logo Aluminum plate.

Q: what Custom color for my Safe ?
A: We offer two standard colours - black and grey.
However, if the MOQ is met, we accept customized colours.

Q: what Custom size for my Safe ?
A:lf the size of our product does not meet your requirements,we customize it according to your size.

Q: How about the safe MOQ?
A:Different safes different MOQ. We accept one piece.
Q: How can I do if lost my safe key?
A: To recover your combination, you will first need to find your model and serial number.
For Digital safe, Fire Safes, Fire and Waterproof Safes,hotel safe ,etc... a lock reference number is required.
You can find the key number engraved/located on the silver cylinder of the lock.

Q: How about the quality guarantee?
A:We offer one-year warranty (damage not caused by human factors), and free replacement parts service.
We can design products free of charge, including size, structure, color, LOGO, packaging, etc. We also provide product improvement.

Q: How about the production lead time?
A: Normally 30-45days after order confirmed.

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